Fully customizable and brandable. A tailored solution developed to fit your needs while conveying the look and feel of own brand.

WeCast ATV based

Expertly Designed UI Styles to Choose From

Frontends don’t need to be all the same. Choose a template from our elegant frontend UI designs and let us know your ideas for making it your own. Our design team is prepared to give users a cohesive look for a dynamic and intuitive experience. When designing for a ten-foot distance screen, a seamlessly and easy to focus is needed so that users always knows where they are and where they can go next.

Marble UI

Prism UI

Onyx UI

Meaningful Content Suggestions

Offering huge amounts of content can sometimes be overwhelming for the end user. With a large library comes frustration fueled by confusing navigation and complications on finding meaningful content. Our Business Intelligence module will proactively learn your users behavior and suggest content in tune with your user’s taste for an excellent customer experience.

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