Android TV for Operators

We offer operator tier Android TV™ development for set-top boxes and Smart TVs with implementation within the IPTV/OTT arena.

WeCast AndroidTV
WeCast AndroidTV Original

Original Android TV

The original Android TV launcher allows the fastest time to market with limited customization options.

WeCast AndroidTV Template

Template based UI

Choose from our selection of templates created around Google’s guidelines for Android TV. You’ll be able to change the color scheme, display your logo, and change some sections, among other options.

WeCast AndroidTV Customized

Customized UI

Create you own Android TV launcher while still complying with mandatory Google guidelines.  Let us know your vision an we’ll make an Android TV version of it.

WeCast AndroidTV Logo

Android TV Front-End Development

Android TV includes three additional elements that make TV deployments faster: Google defined profile, licenses and certification.

Off the shelf
Fast Time to Market
Search and Recommendations
WeCast AOSP Logo

AOSP Front-End Development

Android Open Source Program (AOSP) is the operating system on which Android TV (and other Android flavors) is built.

Custom Features
Operator Control

One-stop shop for certifying your product

We’ll take care of running your projects through the essential certification tests, namely: CTS, GTS and CTS Verifier. These tests are mandatory for offering the most popular OTT services out-of-the-box.

Features you'll find in Android TV that aren't included in AOSP

  • The Google First Time Install Wizard

  • GMS (Google Mobile Services)

  • PlayReady DRM support

  • Google Search and Assistant

    Including voice control

  • Google's Android TV Launcher

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